Days 3/4 OK and Memphis
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We headed from Santa Fe on a two lane road.  It is amazing how fast
an 18 wheeler hauling gasoline will go.  One passed us on the hilly  two
lane road going 80!    Many 18 wheelers passed us.........

We went through Texas and into Oklahoma.   Oklahoma City here we come
We saw gas here for $1.99 /gal - the lowest so far.. 

Everybody  keeps busy in the motorhome.   Colleen is reading the fourth
Harry Potter Book.  

Patrick and Michelle are both on their computers.  We don't have internet hookup
along the road. A lot of RVers have dishes for Internet and satellite TV. We also
play lots of games.   Right now Uno, Gin Rummy and Yahtzee are popular.

Sunset in Oklahoma CIty,  Michelle, Phil and Madeline went on a
50 minute run through the countryside and nearby shops.

We took off while the kids were fast asleep.   We went to a Starbucks at  7 AM and
then took off.   We hit Arkansas while everyone was asleep. 

Memphis. Tennesee is separated from Arkansas by the great Mississiippi
River.  Madeline took all the state signs you can read well!!