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On our way home from Lake Tahoe we stopped in Davis to see Phil's sister Sue and her family.  Gas prices back up to $1.65 /gallon.   Since then here are some other family updates and Halloween ghosts and goblins.


carriereroemer.JPG (19149 bytes)The Roemer Clan in Davis with Michael, Mark, Sue and Paul.

Happy Birthday to the August Birthday group:  Patrick, Ann and Paul!!







bates & roemers girls.jpg (376848 bytes)Here are Phil's sister Audrey's girls at Grandma and Grandpa Roemers:

  Madeline, Amanda, Colleen and Katie.







Patrick_and_boys.jpg (24318 bytes)Mark, Patrick and Micheal taking it easy.







Roemer_kids_pumpkin.jpg (26112 bytes)It carving pumpkin time at the Roemers   No that's not Will's costume!







Roemer_kids_halloween.jpg (31196 bytes)Patrick was too big to trick or treat this year.  Bummer!









Mary_halloween.jpg (28752 bytes)Grandma Scott with Cullen (Diane's), Madeline, Jordan (Carol's), Colleen, Michelle, Mikey (Diane's) and Will.







John_and_Mary.jpg (21199 bytes)Here are Grandma and Grandpa - John and Mary to some of you!







yocke_kids.jpg (22587 bytes)These are Paul and Sue Yocke's kids:  Dave(15 3/4),  Barbara (17), Megan (10) and Brian (14 1/2).










John_and_Scotty.jpg (19444 bytes)Scotty and Grandpa.