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Welcome to the Roemer's Web site!

Use this link to visit Troop 30!

You can also track the progress of the family as we travel across the country.  In 2005 we took a three week trip to Florida and back through the central part of the country.
In 1999 we took a 9 week (yes that is not a misprint) vacation in our motorhome all around the US..  Use the Trek Eastward or Homeward button to left to see pictures of our trip and a diary of our progress and adventures.

 There are some pictures  from 5 years ago of  some more baseball adventures and some family pictures.  We added Sue & Paul Carriere & family along with Katie and  Amanda Bates from Phil's side and John & Mary,  Scotty, Paul & Sue Yocke's children on Ann's side and our crew on Halloween.

This page was last updated on 12/12/05.

WHAT'S NEW?   RV TRIP 2005!  Use the link to the left to check out our progress!

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