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Our family starts traveling down the road toward the Calico Ghost Town.   8 hours of family togetherness!  We stopped for lunch at an A&W Rootbeer Stand, after we ordered they ran out of ice cream!   We kept on our trek and found out Phil had strep throat.  So we went on a hunt for a Rite Aid.  3 Rite Aids later we walked out with his prescription.   Vibration on the road can be hazardous thing.  When we stopped a coke can had a hole from the vibration and it empty it's contents into our coffee pot and the cabinet. The can was positioned just above the spout for the coffee pot - no lie - great science feat!  We ended the day with a baseball three flies game.  Good night!                                                   Gas Price Check $1.68/gallon

Here are the Hart boys K.C. and Nick wishing us a good trip as we start the day driving past their house.  TRIP 005.jpg (15827 bytes)


TRIP 007.jpg (5899 bytes)
The view never changes much rolling down I-5.


TRIP 010.jpg (14496 bytes) Colleen knows how to make the time pass by quickly while on the road.