Home at Last
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I can't believe we have been home almost 3 months!  We stayed in 32 cities, 25 campgrounds, 3 hotels, and 3 real homes and a driveway.  We ate 5 home cooked meals,   a few in the RV and a lot of fast food and french fries.  We saw two emergency rooms and one clinic for antiobiotics.  We hit one repair shop for a broken windshield and consumed over 1000 gallons of gasoline.   Phil even managed to fly on one airplane from Reno to San Jose. ( He was going to pick up a boat whose transmission blew up and wasn't actually available anymore!).  He did manage to get our friends Kaki and Audrey up safely though!

Back to the rat race and school once again.  During these 3 months we have gone to A's games, Giants games and the final Giant's game.  Funny thing is I can't remember the score.   Thank goodness I use to do those updates every few days in the Motorhome!  Here some pictures of family you've missed and our Halloween.

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