Life in our RV
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Dad's view point.  So far no one has causes any bodily harm to one another!   That is amazing for seven people (five between three and twelve) in a twenty nine by 8 by 8 foot box for going on six weeks.  It has definitely been a lesson in getting along for the kids.  Clutter is one of the biggest problems as we continue our trip.  We continue to collect stuff and there is no additional room to store it.  

Fortunately the trip has been fairly uneventful so far driving.  The worst thing was almost getting hit by a handicap van yesterday.  This guy with a full load of wheelchair bound folks, drove off down the highway with the rear wheelchair ramp down.   Lucky for us I saw him coming and pulled over.  Unfortunately, I was not able to signal him (he was speeding) and he hit a car a few hundred feet in front of us.   It spun the car over 360 degrees!  Luckily no one appeared injured.

My other pet peeve on this trip has been paying for the use of interstate highways in states like NJ and New York.  We paid over twenty dollars to New York for the privilege of driving interstate 90 through NY to Niagara Falls yesterday.  I think we should start charging out of state folks to use California highways.  

pitcrewJPG.jpg (14602 bytes)Good news is I always have my pit crew when we pull into a gas station.  Patrick turns off all of the flames (and back on when we leave) and the rest of the crew goes to work on the windows removing bugs!  I feel like Jeff Gordon on the NASCAR circuit!.






Life in the RV might be cramped and a little tight but you really really get to know each other well in here. So far life isn't too bad though we've only been in here a week.   There  are plenty of things lying around to play with.  The game boys help a ton when it comes to what the boys are going to do on the road.  Madeline and Colleen have great imaginations and just love going in the back and playing for hours. I enjoy just sitting down and play a game of solitaire or check e-mail on the computer.   When it comes to dinner everyone pitches in and takes some kind of useful thing outside.  So far all the places we have stopped at have had small tables but that's okay were used to it by now.  Bedtime is one time that takes some energy.   Making sure five kids are in bed and have brushed teeth and other bedtime things have been accomplished is a bigger chore than you think!                                  

Michelle's View: 

You would not believe what a bed feels like after being in a bunk bed for  two in a half weeks! We have been spoiled because we've slept in real beds lately. Although everyone loves traveling, it feels great to go see a baseball game. Though our first game was 105 degrees we are still looking forward to the next!

  Cleaning is one problems in the RV. Do you know how you dread cleaning your room well just imagine cleaning the RV! The space in the RV is limited so when you got seven people trashing it up, dad thinks of a name all us kids never want to hear,"Chores!" Yes we have chores but luckily we don't have to participate in them as much as our parents would like. Would any of you like to hear them?  Well here  they are: clean up the floor, wash the windows, and vacuum the floor. ( Of course all of the floor is made up of carpet!!!)

Well I hope you enjoyed learning about Life in the RV.

rvlife1.JPG (12501 bytes) Will showing off his game boy.            







rvlife2.JPG (18278 bytes)The girls improvising in our bunkhouse.








rvlife3.JPG (17575 bytes)The boys collaborating on their favorite pokeman plays.







rvlife4.JPG (13425 bytes)A window seat for three!







rvlife5.JPG (13038 bytes) Michelle at work on her web page.