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This is the place to look at the first half of our trip.  No new updates in this section, since sadly the first half is now history!  Lots of memories for the Roemers and our virtual travelers. 


Well like most good adventures we have been planning a long time for this trip.   Of course we did not plan on Phil getting sick right before we left, which is of course what happened!  Phil is making this a tradition before each Roemer family vacation.

You can view a copy of our route and itinerary if you have Adobe Acrobate 3.0 by
clicking here.

Special thanks to Tom Fallon for the loan of the digital camera to record the big adventure.

Anyway we have run out of time to up the page before we hit the road, but I did get enough time to include this picture of the motorhome in the driveway already to go with a few of my helpers.  If you would like to reach us you can email us at:


June 20  Ready to hit the road in the morning!  Motorhome ready to leave.jpg (29833 bytes)