New Mexico & Texas
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We visited with my Aunt Donna and cousin Cindy and her daughter Suzanne.  We missed my cousin Bob by 8 hours who was off doing important Air Force stuff out of town.    We had a wonderful visit catching up and reminiscing over old times.  Next time we'll have to make it longer!

Then we flew through New Mexico, into Texas and into Oklahoma.  Microsoft again was our guide as we went on an unplanned sight seeing through Elk City.  Our RV park was in the opposite side of town from our knowledgeable guide! So it was 9:30 PM before we hit the park.  We are setting new records!  Now back into Texas to Southlake   where Mom's high school buddy Anne Marie lives.  
                                                                                                           Oklahoma Gas Price  $0.96/gallon

6/26/99 We had a great visit with the Fosters.  Before we got there we stopped at the Balor Medical Clinic  to get the family tested for strep throat.  It took over three hours to get the results!  Luckily Patrick, William, Madeline, and Colleen were all negative.    Now we have have three of us on antibiotics - Ann, Phil, and Michelle.  Hopefully this is the end of strep in the RV.

auntdonna.JPG (18212 bytes)Suzanne and Aunt Donna







okRVPARKJPG.jpg (14740 bytes)Here we are in the Elk City RV park.  We visited there for 11mostly dark hours!


On the way to Texas - our first test!  The air conditioner froze, overloaded by that Oklahoma humidity (we think).  Soon water starting pouring into the passenger side.   Then we heard shorting noises and the windshield wipers went on voluntarily.    Luckily Phil was able to take apart the car and fix it!   Score one for the humans!



baylorhosp.JPG (14145 bytes)This is Baylor Hospital where  we spent over three fun filled hours!







Foster.JPG (23714 bytes)Sunday morning saying goodbye to the Fosters.
We departed fresh and full of cupcakes baked specially by Nicholas!