4th of July and More!
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Happy Fourth of July!  We hope you all have a wonderful day full of family and fun!  Update below!

We drove through Georgia today and into South Carolina.   We hit a golf ball for Uncle Rick and drove through a rainstorm on our way to Charleston.  The rain was so heavy you couldn't see and n the water swirled off the windshield.   We are in the land of the Citadel,  more historic battleships and lots of plantations and charming old streets.   Below is our home for the 4th!!
                                                                                                  Hilton Head Gasoline: $ .97 /gallon

As we headed out of South Carolina we found the cheesiest place on the trip so far.   Pedro's welcomed us to a place called South of the Border.           SOB Gasoline    $ 1.10 / gallon

golfball.JPG (8150 bytes)It's hard to see but that is a golf ball water tower with a cellular tower on top!  This is right before the exit for Hilton Head and we gave a took this picture for our Uncle Rick who loves Hilton Head and golf!

Good Luck with croquet Uncle Rick!




lakeview4th.JPG (13896 bytes)This is our KOA campsite.  We are a stones throw away from a little lake with paddleboats.  This is the view from the volleyball court looking toward the lake.  No diving for balls on this court! For all our doubting Giants buddies you can have great extras on the road!   Tonight we root on the Giants vs. the Dodgers.

Tomorrow they have free watermelon and hayrides followed by fireworks over the lake.



play4th.JPG (21320 bytes)
The other side is the playground and pool.  Of course we also have 90 degree weather with 90% humidity but whose counting??







cathedral.JPG (15276 bytes)This is the John the Baptist Cathedral in Charleston.  The windows on the side of the church are from Germany and they are gorgeous.   The service was nice here.

Afterwards we walked in the 100 degree weather downtown to lunch on a shaded patio.   (Temperature:  98 degrees)!  
We drove around the historic district.  Really charming houses and a great walkway around the Ashley River into the Charleston Bay.   

We returned to the campground for fireworks and putt putt.  First we purchased fireworks.   Phil couldn't believe they would let him buy M-80's, bottle rockets and the regular stuff.  



sob.JPG (10136 bytes)Welcome to Pedro's South of the Border.  This is located just below the North Carolina Border.  This place is crammed with cheap souvenir shops and entertainment with the Mexican theme.  There is ice cream,  gas,  leather goods, hotels,  fireworks, hot tamales, a wild sombrero ride, a train and more.   The  cheesiest place we've ever seen but they are raking in the pesos!

Phil went shopping for more fireworks.  They sell everything here.    Phil  saw  6 inch aerial shells, 3 foot sparklers and M-2000s.   He held back but we still left loaded and dangerous.                                                        


sob2.JPG (15949 bytes)Oh yes,  I forgot to tell you for 50 cents you can ride to the top of the sombrero above and view the lovely town.  This is the view this sucker took from the ride! 

This is the heat wave breaking all records!  Score that one for Mother Nature!    When we got to our destination in North Carolina, our thermometer read 115 at 4 in the afternoon.  Good thing for air conditioners.  The Raleigh Airport nearby temperature was so high, they thought they broke their thermometer!!   (Exciting news out here).