The Carolinas
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Lots of mornings we get up, take down the RV and then Phil drives.  Sometimes the kids sleep two or three more hours.  This morning in Georgia there was very heavy rain.  There had been heavy rain the night before in Jacksonville, too.   These are normal summers in the East - rain, thundershowers and then sun - they can all even come on the same day.

We got to South Carolina and it was still raining.  We were heading east across the state to get to the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Our roads were very bumpy.  South Carolina has all kinds of fireworks.  Phil and Will stopped to take a peek.  In the back of the store a lady accidentally broke a porcelain figure which lead to a bunch of broken glass.  They said the blast was so loud they though the store was going off!   A little excitement and they were a little whiter when they came out!    Next on the highway we saw about 4 accidents in 2 miles.  The roads were so wet, we saw cars flipped and other cars spin out.   One was about 10 cars ahead of us, but luckily the motorhome stopped in time.  Okay we're ready to leave this area!!




We are in North Carolina!   The  highways are full of flowers and the roads are
generally pretty good.

Here is our campground in Mill Creek, North Carolina.  It is called the Silver Creek Campground in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  That quansa-hut in the far left is the activity room   This area is a little more primitive - no cell phones, no computer hookups, and gravel roads everywhere.

Here is our site.  The owners also do whitewater rafting and paintball from here.   The
bathrooms were also primitive and rather dirty.   However, there is a very diverse set of bugs to entertain while you are in the bathroom.   The scenery was great.


Up early tomorrow and off to Lexington, Kentucky and the Horse Park!!