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Oh darn - Madeline is asleep again and Ann missed part of the sign.

Colorado is very interesting.  For most of our drive Colorado was between
4000 and 5000 feet except it was flat and high desert terrain.  We
approached Denver and you could start to see the Rockies looming ahead.
It was very pretty.  We were coming into town on a Saturday and the traffic
as we left the town was horrible.  We crawled for at least 30 miles at 10-20 mph.  In "the high country" is Breckenridge, Vail and lots of other great hiking, fishing and activities along the Colorado River.  It reminds me of Hwys 50 or
80  to Tahoe!

Will caught this car wreck on film.  The semi fared better.   There was a sign  that said "Pull accidents over to the side of the road when there are no injuries.".  Does it happen that often??

We stopped at Idaho Springs for lunch, groceries and gas.   It was on the
way to Vail and Breckenridge and it was so cute.  The downtown was a lot like downtown Truckee near Tahoe.

Here is one of the ski resorts close to the highway.

Today is Will's birthday.   We stayed at River Dance RV Park.   It was very new and some parts were still under construction.  It was peaceful and they
were doing a great job setting up patios at all the sites.   Here is Will opening presents and blowing out the candles on his cake.   Will built the roaring fire in the background.    .

Here are a few  pictures from  Colorado.   The picture on the right is the sunset at our campground.   The picture below is heading out of the Rockies.   This is Glenwood Canyon.  The road feels like it is cut out of the gorge carved by the Colorado River.   Only Colorado says goodbye!