Day 1 & 2 - AZ, NM
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We slept in the RV the night before
so we could get an early start.  
Phil got us on the road at 6:30 am.   
June 20th we traveled 700 miles!!

We stayed in Williams, Arizona which is only one hour away from  the
Grand Canyon.   This is a KOA campground with a playground, pool,
store and small cafe.   It was over a hundred degrees part of the day
in the Mohave Desert and the cheapest gas we saw was $ 2.49 /gal.
The kids played many card games in the RV to pass the time.  We ate
lunch on the run -  Ann made sandwiches while Phil drove.  Here Phil
is getting ready the next day to take off!


The highways around here are all 75 mph
Some of these signs come with special attachments: 
"Safety Zone - Speed Limit 75 Minimum 65 mph"
Now if only the motorhome could go that fast!!.

We headed off for Santa Fe, New Mexico.   Only 400 miles today!!
The roads were full of scenes like these as we climbed to 7000 feet
at Santa Fe. There were far off thunderstorms and great lightening
strikes.   The winds blew so hard it felt like they would push the RV
off the road.   They even put up windsocks so you knew which way
you were going to get blown off the road!! 

Here is Santa Fe.   Our RV park was up on a high bluff
which gave us a panoramic view of the mountains and the
city.  It was gorgeous.  The bathrooms were huge with gorgeous
tile, very clean and potpourri to add that final touch.   

Downtown Santa Fe is full of adobe architecture.  The plaza
is very traditional - older than Jamestown, Virginia!   It is full
of shops and galleries to walk around.  It is very scenic and
welcoming.  We ate dinner at Tomasitas.   It was one of the
best Mexican dinners we have had.   The chilies are all fresh
and spicy! 

This is Saint Francis Cathedral.   It was close
to sunset and right off the old town square.   We got in late.
We wish we would have had a lot more time to explore this charming