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Here we are leaving our campground.   Notice we were staying at the Memphis/Graceland RV park at the end of this road right behind the Heartbreak Hotel.   The end of the RV park backed up to the Graceland parking lot.  

Here is our campground.   If you look closely the road is called  "Love Me Tender" and the flag has a picture of Elvis on it.    I didn't know you could do that.   All the roads in the park were names of Elvis' songs.  All through the town the Elvis phenomenon is big.

Here is the Roemer family in front of Graceland,  The boys were not so sure
they wanted to go but they went  along politely.   I think they were impressed
with some of the things they learned about Elvis and the culture of that time.

We decided on the Elvis Platinum tour which included his house (downstairs and basement, his cars and his planes.   Thank you Sue Raman for the idea!!!!  We saw a lot of areas in the main living part of the house.  Here is Elvis' TV room.   He heard President Johnson had 3 TVs so he could watch all the networks.  Elvis figured this was a good idea.  He also read books constantly.

They had all of Elvis gold albums.   They figured he has sold over 1 billion records.
He had 24 cars most of which were on display.   Race cars, fancy cars and pink Cadillacs were only a few of the cars.  He had a huge four engine plane customized and named Lisa Marie.
To end the night off we were picked up in this pink limo and driven to Marlowe's from campground.   Marlowes had the best BBQ sauce and southern fried chicken.  She has won awards for their BBQ.  We truly had Southern Hospitality as they went out of their way to treat us like long last family - warm, attentive and friendly.  The boys wanted the pink limo to pick us up every night.