Jacksonville, Fla
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Next stop - Florida!

We went to Jacksonville, Florida where Ann's cousins live.   Here is Ping with our family.    Mary was in the hospital.  We are saying prayers.   Mary and Ping grew up in Richmond, Virginia  with Helen (my godmother), Mac,  Charles,  and Ann's Mom.   They have been neighbors in Jacksonville for over 30 years. My grandmother lived here too with Mary for over 15 years.   It was fun to visit, share a meal, and get caught up. 

Here is our campground in Florida.   It was called Hanna Park at Atlantic Beach nearby.   It was huge!  They were lots of activities - a lake with paddleboats and small boats.   It was a jungle where we were - thick vegetation with lots of humidity.   The beach is only 1/3 mile walk from the campground.   The park had a 1 1/2 mile stretch of beach.

There was dark skies and rain and then sun.  It is so warm and muggy that it felt good to go in the warm Atlantic Ocean - rain or shine.  The beaches were wide.

While some of us were on the beach, Phil and Michelle ran this hiking trail for 50 minutes.  It was overgrown, jungle like and had hills.  They got their workout for the day!

These last three pictures just give you a snapshot of our day at the beach.  Below is Will, Madeline and Colleen catching waves.  The last picture in the corner is the beach with the city of Jacksonvlle off in the distance.