Kansas in a Storm
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Kansas here we come.

Even though we left at 7AM we got into camp in Wakonee, KS at 5 PM.   It was very nice and had won the President's Award the year before.   They had 2 scoops of ice cream for a dollar in the evening and all you can eat pancakes for $1.99 in the morning.

Michelle and Phil went for a run and got back just as a full blown storm was hitting. Phil taught the kids to leave the shutter open a little.  They tried to catch a lightening bolt on film.   Here are two successes.   The bottom right orange and red streaks of light are cars driving by on the highway.  The wind was so strong during the storm it was rocking the motor home.  Phil, Will and Madeline tried to go outside, but were blown over if they didn't hold on to something.   There was a long light show full of pretty close light streaks across the sky..

The storm lasted about an hour.  The next morning the sky was clear and the area looked very peaceful as we left.