Las Vegas
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We left Utah, entered Arizona and then crossed the Nevada border.   We got in to Las Vegas around 5 PM. 

We camped at KOA right on the strip behind Circus Circus.  Circus Circus is close to the end of the older part of the strip.   The strip is about 3 miles long.  Here is Will the next night in front of camp.  The big top behind is the KOA office.   The park has a pool, playground and full hookups.   Otherwise the park is basically a parking lot for 800 RVs. 

We ate dinner and then walked up the strip.   A lot of the hotels have shows out front.  This was the volcano display at the Mirage Hotel.   It runs every 15 minutes.

The Bellagio has a water show to music on a huge water lagoon in front of the hotel.  The water is choreographed to music and goes off every 15 minutes  The water shoots at least 100 feet into the air.   We rushed to Treasure Island to see the Sirens Show.   It was canceled due to wind.   We walked 3 miles that night..



We walked to the Hilton and then took the monorail system to the other end of the strip.  It is a great way to pay and go and then miss the 108 degree heat.  The last stop was the MGM Grand.  We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.

At the new end of the strip there is a free tram that connects the Excalibur to the Luxor and then to the Mandalay Bay Resort.  This is the outside of the Luxor.  Behind the Sphinx is the Pyramid and the hotel. 





The New York- New York Hotel and Casino takes up at least half a block  The Statue of Liberty is on one corner with a special dedication to the city and the victims of 9/11.  There is a rollercoaster that runs around the front of the whole hotel.

All the hotels have some theme.  The Excalibur is like a castle from the Medieval  times..

We went back to the monorail and rode all the way to the Sahara at the beginning of the old end of the strip.   We went in the NASCAR Entertainment Center.  They had a bunch of old NASCAR racecars on display.  These cars were suspended from the roof.   Michelle and Phil rode a rollercoaster called Speed there.  It was pretty cool.  


Below left and right are Madeline and Will's winnings from the Circus Circus arcade,  Madeline had to to toss a ball into the basket without it bouncing out.  The Sponge Bob is her second tier prize.   Will had to toss a quarter and get it to stay on the cake plate.  Hard stuff!  We took a sky shuttle from the back of Circus Circus to the main casino and arcade.

Only about 2 hours to go and we are home.  Patrick, Madeline, Michelle and Colleen  are getting in one last UNO game.

We put up a sticker of the United States with the individual states.  In the last 6 years we have gone to 42 states in the motor home.  In this trip we drove for 103 hours and our average speed was 62 mph.   Our total mileage was 6,450 in 18 days.   We did a lot of loads of laundry in RV Laundromats and consumed over 1000 gallons of gas.