St. Louis Mo
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Before we could get to Missouri we had to drive through Illinois. 

At a few stops we had trouble getting the car to start.  We first stopped in Memphis and got a starter solenoid just in case.  We pulled in to get gas right before St. Louis.   The car took forever to start.  Once we got it started we went across the street to O'Reillys Auto Parts.  The people were so nice.   They tested our battery and it was dead.   Here is Phil installing the new one..

We took this picture as we entered St. Louis.   As soon as we crossed the Mississippi River
we were in Missouri.

To park an RV is a trick in big cities.   We called ahead and they told us where to park.  Unfortunately for us, St. Louis is having a huge 4th of July fair on the riverfront.   A lot of streets were blocked.  We managed to get down to the right area and even though the tilt was big the location was great and the price was free!

The arch was built in the 1960's, stands 630 feet tall and is made of stainless steel.   It is part of the National Park System.   There were a lot of employees present and we had to go through metal detectors to get in.   Once inside there is a museum and a ride to the top from the North or South side.   You have to climb into these VERY small capsules built for 5 and ride to the top. .

Here are some views from the top.   It is very narrow where you look out.   On the right  is a view of Illinois from the top of the Arch.  Here are Will, Madeline, Colleen and Patrick in front of the windows.   In the bottom corner is the old Busch stadium on the right and the new one being built on the left side of the picture.

Hey look - there is our RV!

Ok ready to go back down!   Next we went into the museum of western expansion.   It was really well done.  They had a time line of every year from the early to late 1800's.  Every year you could see who was President, which territory became a state and other pertinent history.  They also had a section on the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Below to the left is William Clark's quote about the Pacific Ocean.   Will is checking out Thomas Jefferson who made the Louisiana Purchase.

We aren't able to hit any baseball games this trip.  We did get to visit the old Busch Stadium  and see the new ballpark that was under construction.  They are literally building this right up against the old stadium.   The old stadium is center field of the new stadium.  Bottom left shows  the new one against the old.  Bottom right shows the new stadium close up.  It is suppose to be done in April 2006 - I don't know...
Above to the left is the closest we got to inside the ballpark.   We looked through the fence and the Cardinals were taking batting practice.   Jim Edmonds hit one right at us into the upper deck!  As we left,  we caught Ozzie Smith doing his thing. 


We found an Old Spaghetti factory to eat dinner at.  It was good.  Then it was back to the RV and on the road again.

   The drive through Missouri was so pretty.  There were so many rolling hills with farms, barns and crops.   It reminded us a lot of Iowa