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We're in California!!   So far sunny California and lots of cousins,   aunts and uncles!  Kaki and  Audrey came to join us and we have been boating and playing ever since!  
                                                                          Lake Tahoe gas price  $ 1.73 /gallon


2boatcrew.JPG (14693 bytes)READY TO GO!     Mike (Diane's husband) is launching the rental boat out to lake!    Phil, Kaki, Audrey and Michelle are ready to ski and go tubing.  Kaki got up and skied the whole shore of the inlet!







2wet suite.JPG (20289 bytes)Playtime at the beach!   Here is Cullen (Diane's son - 2 in November) and Audrey.








2beach.JPG (22724 bytes)Here's Diane eating for two!   Mike on the left (4 and Diane's) and Lauren (7 Mark's) and Cullen!   








2Jo&MadfortJPG.jpg (23203 bytes)Madeline and Jordan (4 Carol's)  and their magnificent sand castle.











2Mark.JPG (16296 bytes)Mark's family  -   Tim(19 in September)  and Mark in the back.  Tim's going off to San Diego State and Ray(not shown, Ric's) is going off to Riverside.  The first grandchildren going off to college!!  Good luck guys and behave!!

Ricky (almost 5),.  Lauren (7), and Kirsten (6).   Heidi (Mom) is off shopping for a break!





2Carol.JPG (20780 bytes)Carol and Jordan at the beach.  Lots of fun!! 











2Diane.JPG (21512 bytes) Diane and Mike going home after a long day at the beach.   Mike and Cullen life vested up and ready to go!   The woodpile to the right is the boys' all day log jam.







2fort.JPG (20188 bytes)Patrick and Will used some of the logjam to build a fort in the sand.   Nice construction boys!









.3karenJPG.jpg (10743 bytes)Last   summertime dinner at the family reunion.  Here is Steve. Lisa (15), Karen and Danny (12).   Danny loves the fishing and Lisa will be a Sophomore at an all girls Catholic High School in LA.   







3kiddinner.JPG (16180 bytes)Here are the kids at dinner on the porch.  Can you name them all???









3mark.JPG (13108 bytes)Heidi and Mark with Lauren, Kirsten and Ricky.
No we don't want summer to end!








3deckdinner.JPG (10421 bytes)Dinner is always good - Chinese and pizza - but not enough seats!!   Helen (Carol's friend),  Phil, Carol and Mike








3diane.JPG (12134 bytes)Cullen, Mike,   Diane and Mikey!   Lots of fun with cousins, sun, sand and boats!

Grandma and  Grandpa and Uncle Scotty already went home.  We'll add them later!   Ric and Ray(19 in October)  were here before we arrived.    Ginny didn't have enough vacation time - next year!






3sunset.JPG (10613 bytes)Wish you were here: Uncle Paul and Aunt  Sue with Barbara(16), Dave (15), Brian (14) and Megan (10).